Frydendahl Safety Net


Make your working place a secure place to work – use safety nets!
Your employees are not secured by a wire, but when safety net, the employees is in a position to work freely. Safety nets provides collective protection for all work and transportation in the secured area. Should anyone fall, the safety net secures people when falling up to 7 mts. Our security nets are being produced according to DS/EN 1263-1.

Meshsize of netting: 100 mm – knot to knot
Material: knotless netting


Sikkerhedsnet Sikkerhedsnet Sikkerhedsnet

Achive more safety at your working place

– ask us for an offer.


Special nets

We supply all kinds of special nets – made according to customers requirements. We supply the netting ready to be mounted, or we supply fully rigged nets from our own netloft. Let us have your measurements, and we will send you a special offer!
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Load securing nets

tie down nets

Aviary nets

Sand pit
covering nets


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