Our range of clothing goes from gloves over rain gear to boiler suits.


Rubber gloves from Showa are manufactured in a strong quality and available both with cotton lining and as thermo glove with winter lining. If you need a strong quality rubber glove without lining, we can offer Ansell black rubber gloves or Phulax blue rubber gloves in extra strong quality. When it is time to skin the fish and you prefer knitted gloves, we have green and white knitted nylon gloves in our range.

Handsker Showa  med bomuldsfoer #610 Handsker Showa Rød handske med vinterfoer #460 Handsker Showa Blå handske med bomuldsfoer #660


w/cotton linning #610

Showa, red glove
 winter linning #460

Showa, blue glove
w/cotton linning #660

Handsker Showa  Rød handske med bomuldsfoer #620 Handsker Showa Nitril Blå handske med bomuldsfoer #720 Ansell Sort gummihandske

Showa, red glove
w/cotton linning #620

SHOWA - nitril

Blue glove
w/cotton lining #720

black gloves

Nylon handsker Strikkede Nylon handsker Strikkede Handsker Phulax Blå handske kraftig kvalitet #610

Nylon gloves

Nylon gloves

PHULAX Blue glove
Strong quality # 630

Ocean ærmer m/elastik Frydendahl Fiskenet Frydendahl Fiskenet

OCEAN sleeves
w/ rubber band


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Clothing Ocean

Rain gear is an essential item when working at sea. From our range we can provide Ocean smocks with loose hood and internal draw-cord. Release studs at the neck lining and 3M safety stripes on the shoulders. Ocean trousers with elasticized braces and fix lock buckles are also a part of the range. Smock and trousers can be bought separately or as a set.

The assortment also includes Ocean Waders up to size 47. Ocean Waders are provided with elasticized braces and fix lock buckles. It has an internal pocket and the boot has high shafts and a good, strong sole.

If you need to keep warm, a good choice of clothing is thermo boiler suits. We have Skipper thermo boiler suit from Mascot with silver safety stripe. The outer lining is bear nylon with reinforcements to the shoulders, knees and seat in wind and waterproof, breathable Mascotex. Another type in our range is Work thermo boiler suit from Ocean in blue/black or grey/black colour combination. The thermo boiler suit is made in oxford nylon with double stitched and taped seams and 3M safety stripes. It has many pockets and the hood can be detached. The thermo boiler suit is 100 % wind- and waterproof.

Busseronne Gummibukser Waders Skipper Mascot Work Ocean


Dess nr. 817 C


Dess nr. 916 C


Dess nr. 570

Skipper Mascot

Dess nr. 817 C

Work Ocean

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DAMEX rubber working clothes

Damex bussseronne
Damex smock - 0,70 mm
Size Colour Cat no
S Orange 8010S
M Orange 8010M
L Orange 8010L
XL Orange 8010XL


3XL Orange 8010XXXL
Also supplied in 0,85mm

Damex trousers - 0,70 mm
Size Colour Cat no
S Orange 8011S
M Orange 8011M
L Orange 8011L
XL Orange 8011XL


3XL Orange 8011XXXL
Also supplied in 0,85mm
Damex forklæde
Damex apron
Size Colour Cat no
Standard Blue 8010
Large Blue 8010X

Thermo boilersuit FOX
Size Colour Cat no
S Grey/Black 84450809S
M Grey/Black 84450809M
L Grey/Black 84450809L
XL Grey/Black 84450809SXL
XXl Grey/Black 84450809SXXL
3XL Grey/Black 84450809SXXXL
4XL Grey/Black 84450809SXXXL
5XL Grey/Black 84450809SXXXXXL
6XL Grey/Black 84450809SXXXXXXL
Thermo vinterkedeldragt FOX


For keeping the feet dry we can offer quality rubber boots from Viking. The models Kompas and Zeus are regular rubber boots in a hard wearing, strong quality. If you need to keep the feet warm we can offer Viking Ice which has a warm lining. Furthermore we have Viking Thermo Plus in our range, which has warm lining and safety reinforcement.

Handsker Showa  med bomuldsfoer #610 Handsker Showa  med bomuldsfoer #610 Handsker Showa  med bomuldsfoer #610 Handsker Showa  med bomuldsfoer #610

Viking Kompas


Viking Zeus

Thermo Plus
Thermo safety boots

Viking Ice
Thermo boots short

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